The Institute for Decision Making (IDM) is the community and economic development outreach unit of Business and Community Services at the University of Northern Iowa. Since 1987, IDM has been a source of assistance for over 680 community and economic development organizations in Iowa and beyond.

IDM's services include: 

  • Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • Economic Development Planning
  • Community Marketing
  • Applied Research
  • Professional Development

IDM’s innovative approach to applied research includes measuring the economic impact of business attraction projects, targeted industry analyses, community assessments, and workforce analyses.

By providing economic development training and leadership, IDM continues to recognize the needs and opportunities of Iowa’s communities and strives to provide the services to meet them.


The Institute for Decision Making is proud to announce a new partnership with Blane Canada and Whittaker Associates to bring you Pro Learning Lab, a series of interactive webinars focused on economic development.  

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